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Leestown Middle will use every moment available to model, teach expectations, and provide learning opportunities to empower each student with the tools for life-long learning which include academics, technology, communication, and social skills.



Science Showcase and Midterm Pick-up

Please join Leestown families at the Science Showcase and Midterm Pick-up on Tuesday, February 10, from 6 to 7:30 PM. We will have many exciting actitivites in which you may participate, representatives from KYNECT will be here to answer insurance questions and there will be an ILP training for parents/guardians. Pizza and a drink will be served.

No Name Calling: It's the Leestown Way!

The Leestown Way is about RESPECT (Remembering Basic Kindness, Encouraging Others, Standing Up, Playing Fair, Extending a Hand, Causing No Harm, and Thinking First).  This month we are focusing on Causing No Harm with an Anti-Bullying message.  This week will be having No Name Calling Week as well as dress-up day to remind our students about being the Ultimate Charger!

·         1/27: Tuesday-Wear Crazy Socks- Sock it to Bullying

·         1/28: Wednesday-Hat Day-Put a Lid on Bullying

·         1/29: Thursday-Backwards Day-Don’t Turn your Back on Bullying

·         1/30: Friday-Camo Day-Don’t Blend In, Take a Stand against Bullying

On Friday students will participate in an activity where they reflect on a time when they bullied someone or were a bystander who did not help someone being bullied.  They will explain how they will change their actions in the future and will be given a band-aid to wear as a reminder that bullying hurts.

Please congratulate the following band students on making the Fayette County Honors Band!!

Austin Asbury-4th chair trombone 6th grade
Clark Conrad-8th Chair Trombone 6th Grade
Natalia Luria-11th Chair Flute 6th grade
Sydney Thomason-5th Chair French Horn 8th grade

Also a congrats to two students who made alternates. They will attend if anyone cannot attend.
1st Alternate Jacob Gravitt 7th grade Baritone Saxophone
2nd Alternate Giovanny Garza 6th grade Clarinet

New and Improved PTSA Website!

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Leestown in the News!!

We've had lots of exciting and successful events happening at Leestown. Go to the column to the right, to read about our CSI class and Operation Preparation.

Vocabulary for Success!!

Please click on the Vocabulary for Success!! link to the right to see the special vocabulary words we are stressing to improve student achievement. The more you and the Leestown staff use these words in our everyday conversation with our children, the more proficient they will be with the vocabulary.

Classroom Syllabi

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Individualized Learning Plans

Your child's Individualized Learning Plan (ILP): Each student completes an ILP at Leestown. Click here to find out more information about ILP's. To receive a username and password to your child's ILP you must come to Leestown with proper ID as the ILP's are confidential.