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Leestown Middle will use every moment available to model, teach expectations, and provide learning opportunities to empower each student with the tools for life-long learning which include academics, technology, communication, and social skills.



Congratulations to our Students of the Month!

8th Grade Students of the Month

6th and 7th Students of the Month

Congratulations to our Staffulty Member(s) of the Month

Staff Member of the Month 

Boxtop Battle Begins

Please bring in your boxtops to help support Leestown Middle School. The "battle" has begun and ends on September 15. The winning team gets free fun time. Click here for more information.

Application for the Leestown Pre-Engineering Program for August 2015

The online application for Special Academic Programs, which includes Leestown's Pre-Engineering Program, is now available until October 7. Click on Application to begin the online process. Click on Brochure to read more about the Pre-Engineering Program at Leestown. If you would like additional information about our program and/or would like to tour our school, please contact Stephen Holthaus at 859-381-3181 or at stephen.holthaus@fayette.kyschools.us.

Did You See the Good News about LMS on the Front Page of the Herald-Leader Friday?

If not, click here to read about our exciting program.

Suppy Lists for 2014 2015 School Year

Click on Supply List to see the supply lists for all three grade levels.

Congratulations to Leestown Soccer Champs!!

Soccer Champs

LMS Chargers United. Our two teams played the finals in the Soccer Spring League for middle schools organized by the YMCA. WE are the city champions on and off the field. Our students are true ambassadors of The Leestown Way. They played fair, encouraged each other, and extended a hand to teammates and opponents alike. We are very proud of our Chargers United.

New and Improved PTSA Website!

Click on Parents above to find the link to the new Leestown PTSA website.

Leestown in the News!!

We've had lots of exciting and successful events happening at Leestown. Go to the column to the right, to read about our CSI class and Operation Preparation.

Vocabulary for Success!!

Please click on the Vocabulary for Success!! link to the right to see the special vocabulary words we are stressing to improve student achievement. The more you and the Leestown staff use these words in our everyday conversation with our children, the more proficient they will be with the vocabulary.

Classroom Syllabi

Classroom syllabi for all core content courses can be found by clicking on School Information at the top of this page.

Parent\Student Portal

Families can access their children's attendance records, grades, class assignments and more through the confidential on-line Campus Portal. 

Students can access their grades through Parent/Student Portal in the upper right hand corner. 

  • Your username is your Student Number. Ask your AE teacher for this number if you don't know it.

  • Your password is your first initial, last initial, birthday. For example, Jane Jones was born on July 4, 2001. Her password would be jj070401.

Parent Resource Center - See the latest news!

News from the Parent Resource Center can be found under the Parents tab at the top of this page.

Individualized Learning Plans

Your child's Individualized Learning Plan (ILP): Each student completes an ILP at Leestown. Click here to find out more information about ILP's. To receive a username and password to your child's ILP you must come to Leestown with proper ID as the ILP's are confidential.